Make your make up obsession pay.

I was addicted to buying make up, i realised there had to be a sensible way to fund my habit. I finally found it after digging and searching.

All my research finally paid off. I discovered that you can actually get paid for testing make up, Ok, I’ve said it.. the secret is out ! I actually even get paid to visit certain stores and buy premium make up brands from the make up departments.  The best thing is this type of position is available anywhere in the world. Anywhere they sell the big brands of make up that is. Thats what you will be buying and testing.  SSSSshhhhhh!!!. Don’t tell anyone except your closest girlfriends. We don’t want to ruin a good thing.

get paid to shop

I wouldn’t normally share this with anything but i joined after a friend told me about it. One of the great things about this community is the fact that everyone helps each other. If you have skill or talent for making money online or doing things like mystery shopping, or making money filling in surveys then Jamie encourages you to share. It’s part of his belief in the ask, believe, receive ethos. You have to put a little out to receive a lot back. I agree. So here is my contribution to the group. I’m sharing my secret. SSSSHhhhhhh

My best mystery shopper experience was when i was asked to visit the concession counters in department stores and book treatments. All the treatments are paid for Shhh our secretand you get paid for your time. I had the best looking eyebrows ever for so long.

Getting paid to test make up and mystery shop for make up brands is not all Glam though. You need to know the make up you are testing really well for the purposes of comparison surveys.  A lot of the big make up manufacturers want to make sure their products are reviewed favourably against their competition so a lot of blind testing is involved. (That doesn’t mean you need to be blind apparently )

Ok, I’ll fess up here. I actually asked that question when i was told about this. It was a thursday afternoon. I was flustered and i have no other excuse for that.

Make up testing is not for everyone. I’ve made a list of things that would mean It would not be suitable for you.

  • You have sensitive skin – you need to try a lot of make up products over time
  • You don’t normally wear make up – You would find the comparison surveys difficult
  • You don’t like shopping – ok, i know that means no-one, but i have a friend who doesn’t like social encounters, so shopping is big deal.
  • Your not a naturally chatty person- shop and spa visits mean talking to staff and asking listed questions without sounding like your asking listed questions.

If you are reading the list above and thinking all is lost, don’t worry. I spend a lot of my free time just filling in surveys online. It doesn’t pay amazing but i make a few hundred a month just filling in surveys and trying free samples. You can find out more by clicking here.

Ok, If you are still here then maybe you could be the next best made up girl on the block.

Check out exactly what a make up haul looks like

If you think you can test all this free make up in 1 month then you can be a cosmetics testerEarn money testing make up brands like this

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I really love lists so i have made a list of reasons that trying out make up testing and mystery make up shopping would be ideal for you.

  • You are a naturally chatty person – you will excel in the mystery make up shopping and Spa and beauty treatments mystery shopping
  • You enjoy wearing make up – this is a no-brainer
  • You are happy to try different looks and styles – the more you are happy to try different looks the more opportunities are available. Im a blank canvas, thats actually the selection at the interview.
  • You know which colours compliment your skin colour – you have a good base for starting out if you know your colours.
  • You enjoy shopping – you will need to do 2 shopping trips a week at a minimum if your applying for mystery shopping keep this in mind. You can complete the shopping trips at any time though unless they are trying to analyse things like wait times and customer service of certain staff.

If you are spending a small fortune on make up already then you will see the most benefit from this position as you will be getting paid to buy make up from now on.

The reason being you are fully paid for all the make up you buy on the mystery shopping trips and you get to keep the make up you are testing.  Guess who didn’t worry about stocking fillers for all the girls at Christmas last year.. Ok. So it was used a tiny bit. I got my own treatment back more than once. All my closest girlfriends are doing the same thing. Some of the assignments they send you on needs more than one person, some of them need a group of people so you should let your girlfriends know about this. 

I’m not going to put all the details about this on the page, I  have complied all the information you need into a guide.

To download simply enter your details in the form above and i will email you a copy.


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