Playing computer games can pay your rent bill and much more | Make money playing computer games

Thousands of people in countries around the world are making serious money playing computer games online.

When will you start getting paid to play computer games ?

earn money playing computer games part time online


Get paid to play by signing up for the information .pdf on how to become a professional games tester.  This information is only available from HOWISTARTED.

We help you start the business you want to start by following the guides we have created after seeking out the highest paid games testers, product testers, Guide writers, content writers, developers and games bloggers we could find and research. Success can be your by emulating the choices and decisions taken by the leaders in the industry.  You can be gaming and earning a living for your family and loved ones without stressing about the job market, or promotions any more. You can enjoy your leisure time and enjoy your family life without feeling guilty again.

Information includes.

  • Most popular games for testing

  • Most popular consoles for testing

  • Highest paying test games

  • Highest paying jobs in gaming

  • How to start your own gaming business

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